How to add Discord OAuth to your Sapper web application

Creating a new Sapper project

npx degit "sveltejs/sapper-template#rollup" my-app
npm uninstall polka && npm install express

Creating a Discord application

Creating a new application

Creating a Discord Authentication API

what your src/routes/api should look like now


Auth view is in user’s local language if it’s supported. If not, in English.




Reading user tokens on each session

Modifying the server.js

Modifying _layout.svelte

Creating user dashboard

Let’s recap what we now have:

  • Each time user goes to /dashboard or /api/auth, they are taken to Discord for authentication
  • After authenticating, they are taken via /api/callback to either /dashboard or front page, depending if authentication was successful or not
  • User access token is saved in cookies for 10 minutes and refresh token is for 30 days. If access token expires, we use refresh token to fetch new access token.
  • User token and Discord user object can be accessed via session object during preload of a page (variables userToken and discordUser)
  • User can clear their session by going to /api/signout or clicking the sign out button on dashboard.




I build complex things on the web and share my findings to help others learn too.

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Mika S.

Mika S.

I build complex things on the web and share my findings to help others learn too.

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